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Chill It is an innovation that brings benefits to everyone: to the consumer, who can enjoy their drink always extra cold; to the manufacturer, as their beverage is offered at the ideal temperature; to the retailer, as it enhances operational efficiency, space, storage, and inventory management, resulting in substantial cost savings; and to the planet, as it enables significant energy savings, thereby reducing environmental impact.

With Chill It, everyone wins!

This powerful technology is changing the dynamics of the industry worldwide, and you can become a partner to leverage unique benefits.

Commercial Advantages

  • Provides the perfect temperature for each beverage, whether it's cans, PET bottles, or glass in the near future.
  • Offers consumers the choice between "Cold" (3°C) and "Extra Cold" (-1°C).
  • Enables barcode scanning by brand and product, allowing for competitive blocking when necessary.
  • Provides unlimited capacity to cool one beverage after another.
  • Ensures beverages remain in optimal condition, preventing agitation.
  • Promotes efficiency and energy savings by cooling only the beverage that will be sold.


For Beverage Manufacturing Companies

  • Reinforces brand image.
  • Increases customer loyalty.
  • Maximizes refrigeration capacity.
  • Addresses physical space limitations.
  • Offers products at the ideal temperature, including low-rotation SKUs or new launches.
  • Avoids fridge parasitism or invasion.
  • Captures consumer insights through machine data.
  • Reduces the carbon footprint.

Retailers Selling Beverages

  • Consume less energy and save money.
  • Optimize space in stores.
  • Maximize refrigeration capacity.
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales.


  • Offer unique technology that keeps beverages cold 24/7.
  • Customize the desired final temperature for each store.
  • Enjoy a superior and more sustainable consumer experience.
  • Contribute to reducing energy and CO2 consumption.
  • Offer an official after-sales service to keep the retail business running smoothly.